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This Conscious Rockstar Goes to the Conscious Life Expo

Being a Conscious Rockstar, I know where to find like-minded, consciousness-raising teachers, and one of my favorite places to learn and connect with my community is at the Conscious Life Expo.

The line-up this year was packed with enlightening and inspiring talent. It is fun for me to watch speakers light-up on stage and shine their inner rockstar. I've gone to this Expo for the last four years and this one was by far the best yet.

Here are the rockstars I got to see:

-Dr. Dain Heer’s “7 Keys to Conscious Embodiment” and “Being You, Changing The World”

-Zarathustra’s “Heart-Awakening: Self-Love & Acceptance”

-Spiritual Healing panel

-Angels panel

-Real Food panel

-Lynne McTaggart’s “You Say You Want a Revolution”

-Eric Pearl’s “The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself

And there were so many I wanted to see as well like: Gregg Braden, Dannion Brinkley, Howard Martin, David Wilcock, Darren Weissman, Marcia Wieder, and a few more of the panels. My favorite part of Expos like this is that anyone can experience different thought-leaders in a quick, affordable way so you can decide if their messages are meaningful to you.

I had a very strong pull to Dr. Dain Heer's work before I saw him at the Expo for the first time. I was blown away by his story, teaching, and the amazing feeling of the Access Consciousness healing modality. I mean who wouldn't love Dain? Not only is he adorable and brilliant but he is funny, quirky, healing, and most importantly himself! He knows how to work his audience and so many of his messages resonated at a deep level. My biggest awareness was that I was trying to change the world first and then I would give myself permission to be me. But he explained that the power in changing the world lies in being our true selves first. Lots has changed for me since hearing him deliver that message and I'm grateful I got to say hello at his book signing and attend all his talks.

At the exhibitor booths I also found some talented artists such as Jo Jayson’s goddess artwork and Jewels of Light chakra artwork and I bought some of their products. Of course I attended the Conscious Life Film Festival Awards as well because of my love for and work in mindful media and conscious content. I was thrilled to see Emmanuel win an award for his film FEMME which is an important film for all of us to see and I wrote a review of it on Synergy TV.

I realized at the end of my four days at the Expo that I really do immerse myself in the world of conscious media and personal development. I like to dive in and absorb information and new experiences like a sponge. I was so happy and fulfilled that weekend because the energy was so high and the learning so deep. I can truly see myself on the CLE stage in the future, but for now I wanted you to know more about it so you can go check it out for yourself next year! It's really one of the very best events in the entire consciousness-raising movement and you don't want to miss it.

Live a Life That Rocks,


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