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Coaching & Workshop Reviews

People have told me I am positive, helpful, inspiring, and powerful. I consider myself and my work spiritual, compassionate, tranformative, and creative. I am also a synergized feminine/masculine leader which means I am highly intuitive and collaborative as well as driven and results-oriented.













                                                                         Here are some testimonials of why people think I rock..........


"Kate stretched my thinking and field of vision delivering the needed results-oriented support. Nothing’s impossible when you get the right support. If you want to own your inner Rock Star, look no further. Kate’s coaching is intuitive and commanding with a commercial point of view that ignites possibility. Moving to another level of excellence in your field requires support. Rocky had his Trainer, Cinderella had her Fairy Godmother, and Spielberg had his Mother. Thankfully Kate is in the world rocking it out as a Conscious Rockstar."


- Melanie L., Writer & Filmmaker



 “Kate is like a breath of fresh air. I walk into session with her like a whirling storm of chaos seeking to find shelter and walk out feeling like clear skies and clarity about how beautiful that stormy adventure was and ready to make the world a better place. Her gentle guidance and big picture insights help me connect with my highest vibration and truest self. Thank you universe for bringing such a great soul and teacher into my life."


- Jess Evans, Intuitive Healer 



“For the past year, Kate has served as an accountability partner and coach to me as I have transitioned from corporate life to entrepreneurship. She is a great listener and brilliant marketer who has given me ideas that I have implemented and support that has helped me to grow both my business and as a person.”


-Ali K.,  UrbanHiker SF Founder



“I really enjoyed all of it. I walked out of there feeling a lot more solid in what I want and the way to drive my energy the right way. I have always sort of known what I wanted but wasn’t sure the best way to go about it. I started the week with such a high and I definitely need to keep learning more so I keep my head in the right place. Really appreciate all the guidance and the unending support.”


– Sarah S., Book Agent & Writer



“Thank you for your coaching. You are great at encouraging my personal growth and confidence. You are such an inspiration and provide a human caffeine boost to my life and I feel better every time I talk to you.”


– Melissa W., Producer



“Thank you for an awesome workshop. YOU ROCK!!! It served as an inspiration for me to take action.”


– Reyna C., Actress 



"I've had the pleasure of knowing Kate for about two years and she is always a very inspirational and positive person to be around and I have found this has rubbed off on me. Kate's equine leadership work helped me to brush up on my equestrian skills, learn effective stress reduction stategies, and feel comfortable following her lead. Kate also coached me through creating a vision board. That vision voard has helped me focus on what I want out of life from a broader perspective and truly manifest my goals. Kate has an instinct and knowledge to help people find their highest potential and is compassionate, a great mix to help ensure anyone who turns to her for coaching can feel at ease and comfortable while seeking her guidance. I would HIGHLY recommend her as a coach, especially if you want your dreams to come true!"


- Nicole H., Sales Representative 



“The workshop was so great! It really helped me to see that anything is possible and to stop negative thinking! It’s made a big difference so far. I’ve done a lot of work on myself over the last two years but it really helped me to take another step forward and start believing that anything is possible. I learned to stop listening to the voice that tells me I can’t, that I’m going to fail, and to focus on the positive instead and believe in myself and my true gifts and abilities. I also loved the spiritual element connecting us to something higher and to the world.”


– Jen B., Writer



“Thank you for an amazing experience… are truly a natural! I was very inspired and motivated by all that you put together for this workshop. The energy of the group was so perfect....and that was all filtered through you! You seemed very comfortable with everyone and your plan for the workshop seemed well organized and really thought through. I want you to know how much I appreciate you and how much I look up to all that you do and are a role model for me. You just seem so fearless in the process!”


– Carrie H., Life Coach


“Your seminar got me back in a centered, positive frame of mind that I had been missing. It was exactly what I needed to get back on track with focusing on the positive and being ready to receive what I ask.”


– Yvonne M., Graphic Designer



“I enjoyed the exercises we went through and the focus I gained from the experience. I felt empowered and more committed to re-directing my energy on goals that fulfill me and allow me to use my gifts and share my passion. I stepped away from all the day-to-day distractions that got in the way of thinking more deeply about what I really want to be more focused on, what makes me feel most alive, what dreams I want to realize before my time is over, and how baby steps are critical in helping move in the direction of living my dreams.”


– Iva R., Marketer 


“Your support and guidance really touched me. I am now ready to find my inner strength and make the final push to the finish line on my projects.”


– Jodi R., Art Dealer



"Kate's combined knowledge and energy was extremely confirming for me. I've contemplated similar thoughts before and to have someone who is an example of it working in the world is very uplifting! I loved her spirit, energy, and presence and anyone can benefit from time spent with her."


- Samantha S., Actress  



"Kate is professional, warm, and passionate about helping others. She is an organized, knowledgable, and articulate teacher and a generous coach. I learned so much solid information from her and I'm glad I took her workshop."


- Paige N., Blogger/Coach



"Kate's expertise and passion shine through and inspire me to face certain fears. She has a warm and likable persona and I recommend her to anyone looking to chase their dreams."


- Lauren F., - Film Producer & Gym Owner

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