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Speaking Reviews

I've been told I'm easy to listen to and fun to watch. My intention is to activate and engage a room as I educate and inspire. Most people fear public speaking but it is one of my greatest joys and favorite gifts to share. I customize talks and presentations for your audience's needs. 














"If you want engagement, inspiration, heart, truth, experience and involvement, give yourself and your organization the gift of Kate Neligan as the speaker for your next event. Kate engages and uplifts the audience not only with releveant facts, but a message of good news. She will certainly leave the attendee's at your next event feeling inspired, motivated and wanting for more."


- Chi S., Instructor at Time Warner Cable & SoCal WICT Director-at-Large


"I brought Kate to speak to the Ft. Lauderdale Holistic Chamber of Commerce because I know that she offers tremendous value and inspiration as a coach and speaker. Her talk "From Stressed-Out To Synergized" was exactly what our group needed as they took a pause from their busy lives and companies to learn Kate's unique strategies and implementable tips and tools for stress reduction. The positive energy she generated was palpable and a packed room left completely re-energized."


- Vanessa H., Founder of Radiant Buzz 



"Kate is an excellent speaker. She was on a panel about Encore Careers and was able to give real life suggestions of how to successfully make the transition from the Corporate world into starting your own business. Kate’s own success at realizing her dreams was inspirational to our attendees."


- Madelyn H., MPTF



"Your 'Encore Careers' panel struck a chord and many left feeling much more confident and energized about their own future prospects. The wisdom you shared will go a long way to launch many of the participants down a better path."


- Bob B., MPTF 



"Hearing Kate speak is like listening to a best friend who really cares and sees your greatness. She's real, raw, vulnerable and honest, and fearless."  


- Alyssa D., Accupuncturist 


“Kate is an innovative thinker with a rock star approach to public speaking as she is both thought-provoking and engaging as a speaker. I left with a greater sense of self after attending her talks, and I highly recommend her!”


- Phoenix G. , Founder of DotStudioz  



"Thanks so much for this show! Namely the Kate Neligan part. I think it was the most inspirational thing that came from your radio show yet for me! It helped me get my priorities back in order. At first it sounded very self serving to me but it's true, if you're burned out you can't help other people and animals as well if at all. Great job and thanks for all your awesome programming, I listen every day. Keep them coming!"


- Hannah, - Listener to Horse Radio Network 



"It was so inspiring to listen to Kate speak about consciousness and awareness in cinema. I left the panel full of ideas and strategies."


- Patricia C., Filmmaker 



“I learned so much and left feeling inspired and motivated to take action.”


– Matt W., Founder of Spiritual Media Blog



“Kate combines many years of experience in mainstream media with her extensive education and an authentic passion for making the world a better place. She is a pioneer in the business of positive media. Building on what has worked in the past, she presents new ways to be part of the solution in our fast paced technology-driven world.”


– Chris G., Attorney



"Kate is an amazing inspirational speaker. By the end of her talk I was chomping at the bit to apply what I learned from her."


- Alice D., Actress 



"It was like listening to a modern day Joan of Arc! Kate's talk was sincere, straightforward and very helpful."


- Gehan C., Music Producer 

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