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I believe in the power of each person's story to showcase solutions and hold a mirror for a better humanity. Every single human has a story of growth and transformation if we take the time to listen. The very act of sharing a story can heal both the giver and receiver. This is why I started Synergy TV Network and why I share my own stories, in the hope that lives are changed for good. 


I have also been a blogger for The Huffington Post, Hollywood Journal, Spiritual Media Blog, and

Thrive Global.

I was also recently featured in the new book-magazine hybrid, A Loved Life, with an article entitled

"Healing with Animals" and another called "For The Good Of The Herd".

Below are the compilation books that I am a part of as well as information on my own book.

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available on or Barnes & Noble bookstores


At the Vancouver Peace Summit in September 2009, the Dalai Lama announced, “The world will be saved by the Western woman.” Absolute Love Publishing creator Caroline A. Shearer was struck by his statement. She collaborated with leading women from around the world to explore how the feminine nature impacts humanity in the book, "Women Will Save the World." Through essays of collaboration, creativity, intuition, nurturing, strength, trailblazing, and wisdom, this women’s studies bestseller attempts to answer the question: Will Women Save the World?


"Women Will Save the World" features dozens of essays from prominent, modern-day women including an Olympian, Billboard-topping musician, visionary media professionals, artists, authors, and more!. There are also profiles of historical women, such as Mother Teresa, Harriet Tubman, and Anne Frank, each of whom contributed to saving the world. It also includes an historical timeline demonstrating how women already have saved the world in myriad ways plus positive affirmations to help strengthen your inherent feminine qualities. 


For endorsements and more information please visit Absolute Love Publishing. Kate has a chapter entitled "Transformational Trailblazing."


available on 


How powerful do you really feel as a woman? What’s holding you back from shining in your life? What’s stopping you from living the life you always wanted to live? We all have some form of barriers in our lives to overcome. They may be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual barriers. That’s a normal part of life. These are the challenges that help us grow and learn, but sometimes we get stuck and forget our way.


In the book "The Power of Being a Woman" you will meet 17 successful and powerful women who are redefining what it means to be an empowered woman in today’s world. They will teach you how to create the inner power and outer success that YOU deserve. We, as women, need to discuss how we can embrace our true powerful self and then use that power to serve and bring light to the world. Now is the time for us to shine from the inside out.


Chapter 4 is Kate's story as well as her tips for connecting to your feminine power. For more information on the book please visit The Power of Being A Woman website. 100% of the proceeds of this book benefit the non-profit Women of Africa.


This was a #1 Bestseller in 5 categories on week of release!

self-published book coming soon


This book is currently being edited. Kate is seeking an agent and publisher so if you know of someone great, please reach out.


"Awakening With Equines" is part guidebook and part true-life, inspiring story of Kate and her mentor's work with horses and recovering addicts in equine therapy. Kate shares stories and lessons from the ranch where she started her journey working with horses as healers. The take-aways can be practically applied to both business and relationships.


Horses are spiritual teachers, self-discovery partners, and powerful guides. Through the use of mirrors and metaphors they show us our behavioral patterns and thought processes in a safe, fun, fast, simple and yet profound way. They shed light on our levels of authenticity, communication, leadership, and self-mastery in ways that humans simply don't reach. 


Although Kate has participated in thousands of hours of personal growth work, nothing comes close to the deep healing, transformation, humor, awareness, and miracles she has witnessed when horses and humans come together in love and a synergistic bond.

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