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Why working with me rocks.... 


My favorite thing in the world to witness is transformation and growth in another individual or group. As a coach, I am committed to providing you incredible value so you are empowered to create the success you most desire.


Simply put, I live a life that rocks and I want you to as well! Wherever you are at, I believe that change is possible and that you can design and achieve the life of your dreams. I know this because I have done it and so have my clients. From aethetheist to spiritual warrior, from unfulfilled corporate VP to happy entrepreneur, and from self-hate to self-love, I have made major positive changes in my life. I synergize my Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology, 12 years of deep study in personal development, and over a decade in a corporate setting to help people face fears, access their own answers, and shine. 


As your coach I specialize in..


  • Being an inspirational catalyst and empowerment leader

  • Seeing and activating your potential and greatness

  • Creative brainstorming 

  • Teaching ways to connect with your Conscious Rockstar (i.e. your true nature)

  • Connecting you to needed resources 

  • Holding space for any emotional releases, old stories, and baggage to drop

  • Intuitive, heart-centered listening

  • Helping you to create action and implementation plans

  • Keeping you accountable to your goals 

  • Giving you permission to be your true self and shine your unique light



                                        “It is through the happy sharing of your treasures that you show other

                                                       people that they are treasured.”– Neale Donald Walsch

Why working with a coach rocks....


We often resist change and struggle on our own but we don't have to! Having access to a coach means you receive tips, tools, new perspectives, thoughtful questions, exercises, guidance, inspiration, and support in order to take our life to the next level. Life coaching has many benefits and it's also a lot of fun, which is why it's an incredibly fast growing field of work.


Rockstar Results may include...


  • Clarity

  • Focus

  • Empowerment, Motivation & Inspiration

  • Celebration & Acknowledgment 

  • Accountability

  • Embracing Truth

  • Positive Changes & Healthy Choices

  • Self-Awareness

  • Courage & Confidence 

  • Enthusiasm & Gratitude

  • Accomplishing Goals




                                    “Success means fulfilling your own dreams, singing your own song, dancing your                                                 own dance, creating from your heart, and enjoying the journey, trusting that                                                                         whatever happens, it will be OK." — Elana Lindquist

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