What would be possible if your fears were no longer holding you back?




40 Days of Facing Fear


This revolutionary group coaching program is a game-changer

for every area of your life. It was inspired by this book

"My Year with Eleanor"  and the quote "Do one thing every day 

that scares you" by Eleanor Roosevelt. 


I put myself through this twice before and saw incredible results

including ending up on the TEDx stage after one of them. 


It's time for all of us to stop being so scared and to start living a

life that rocks!


There is a part of you that is never in fear or afraid and that is the truth

of who you are. You will access and live from this place more as you face

your fears each day. You will shift from fear to love.

Join me and a group of courageous conscious rockstars who are willing to invest in their growth, confidence, and success. 

In this program you will leave your comfort zone...
and that is when all the magic you deeply desire happens.
Program Includes:

Each day you choose the fear you wish to face

(I’ll help you structure it to support your goals)

Along the journey (October 12th – November 21st) you receive accountability, support, inspiration, education, and coaching through:

  • 4 live group coaching calls (60 minutes each) covering the best modalities to bust blocks and shift fear

  • Private Facebook group with shared stories and support

  • Daily inspiration email with a reminder to face your fear

Side Effects May Include:
  • Your self-esteem skyrockets

  • You learn to trust yourself

  • You feel strong enough to handle life's curveballs 

  • You operate in the world feeling safer, capable, and more empowered 

  • You align and identify with your true power rather than the conversation of fear

  • You see movement in all areas of your life

  • You have a new sense of who you truly are 

Do One Thing Every
Day That Scares You
- Eleanor Roosevelt

60 Minute Group Calls

Each call is structured to build on the next. I'll coach you on how to set up your practice and on each of my top fear facing modalities.

All calls are live and will also be recorded. You will be emailed the recordings so you can listen on your own schedule if you need to miss a call.

Facebook Group

There wil be a private Facebook group (for participants only) that you will be invited into once you register.


This will serve as a community of support for you to share your stories of how you are facing your fears and receive resources, encouragement, accountability, and celebration from the group.

Daily Inspiration Email

When you register with your email below you will automatically be set-up to receive a daily email with a quote and affirmation that inspires and reminds you to face your fear for the day. (If you prefer text, just provide your cell number as well).

Call details:



TBD in March 2017

6:30pm PST/8:30pm CST/9:30pm EST

Why 40 days?

Many personal growth experts believe that a forty day practice creates a new habit. Scientific research also shows that we create new neural pathways in our brains when we repeat patterns for forty days in a row and this creates lasting change. 


Growth is also a process and not an event. Consistent, focused action steps result in forward momentum and transformation. 


Why group coaching?

Starting a new routine is much easier with support and coaching is the foundation in which to build healthy change. I will be your guide to make sure you stay on track and keep this commitment to yourself. The community will cheer you on!


This program will help you to show up more fully for your entire life in a way you've always wanted. One day at a time you will grow more and more courageous. 

Investment in lasting, positive change: $197

(less than a latte a day)                                    


Register by 10/7 for this early pricing and receive something very special.  

After 10/7 the price is $297

Face your greatest fears in service to your greatest dreams – live a life that rocks!


Note: This program is completely voluntary participation. What you put in is what you will get out of it. You design the fears you choose to face and you can stretch yourself as much or as little as you like. You consent by joining that you will not do anything dangerous and that you will take care of yourself along the way. 

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